Reporting Salaries of High Paid Staff

All local authority maintained schools are required to publish annually on their websites the number of individuals (if any) earning over £100k a year. This information is required to be published in bands of £10k.

At 01/09/2022 no staff at Bellfield Infant School earn more than £100k per year.

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Mrs Simm 

Head Teacher

Mrs Burns 

Deputy Head Teacher


Miss Farrell

Special Educational Needs (SENDco)

Mrs Delves

Early Years Leader


Mrs Griffiths

Chair of Governor



Mrs Bradley

Class 2B Teacher

Mrs Woodman

Class 2W Teacher


Mr Duca

Year 2 TA



Mrs Kulas

Year 2 TA


Mrs Burns
Class 1B Teacher/Science & Curriculum Lead

Miss Roberts

Class 1R 


Mrs Tonks

Year 1 HLTA





Mrs Rosson

Year 1 TA 


Miss Baggus

 Class RB Teacher




Mrs Delves

Class RD Teacher/History & Geography Lead


Mrs Landucci

Reception TA

Mrs Harper-White

Reception HLTA

Miss Colston

Reception TA


Mrs Clamp

Nursery Teacher

 Mrs Evans

Nursery TA

Mrs O'Brien

Nursery TA



Miss Collins

HLTA Speech & Language



Mrs Hodnette

Speech and Language Teacher


Mrs Brittle

Pastoral Lead




Miss Matthews 

School Business Manager


Mrs Hassall



Miss Bahra

Finance Officer 

Mr Rudge

Building Site Manager

Mr Pepall

Building Site Assistant

Mr Riley 

Outdoor Learning


Day care 

Mrs Wright - Manager

Miss Emery - Deputy Manager

Miss Ashton

Miss Edwards

Miss Ellis

Mrs Keeble

Mrs Shuttle

Mrs Woolley


Lunchtime Supervisors

Mr Hutton (Senior LTS)

Miss Allen

Mrs Haynes

Mrs  Jones

Miss Powell

Miss Read

Mrs Sanders

Mrs Shale

Mrs Smith

Mrs Williams

Mrs Woolley

Cleaning Supervisors

Mrs McGuiness

Miss Nock

Mr Williams