At Bellfield Infant School we recognise that computers underpin today’s modern lifestyle. Our vision is to embrace the positive impact and educational benefits that can be achieved through appropriate use of the Internet and communication technologies. Work within each year group ensures continuity and progression and is closely linked to other areas of the curriculum. All classes have access to a range of Computing equipment and software to enhance their skills and improve their confidence using IT in the world around them. We are very lucky to have a class set of iPads to further enrich our Computing curriculum, which are very popular with the children in all year groups. They enhance the learning in all areas and we have a wide range of cross-curricular Apps and activities.


In the EYFS curriculum is states that children must: 

  • recognise that a range of technology is used in places such as homes and schools. 
  • select and use technology for particular purposes. 


The Key Stage 1 Curriculum is split into three parts: 

  •  Computer Science 
  •  DIgital Literacy 
  •  Information Technology 

Within these three areas of the curriculum we aim for all children to gain the appropriate knowledge of E-safety, programming, handling data, multimedia and how technology is used in our lives. 

Purple Mash 

Purple Mash is a computing program that we use regularly in school because it covers the computing curriculum. It also allows us to make cross-curricular links with other curriculum areas. All children have a username and password so that they can access this programme at home. Please click on the link below to access our School’s Purple Mash portal. 



Please click on the image to view our Computing Policy.  Please click on the image to view our Computing Long Term Plan.  Please click on the image to view our Computing Progression of Skills.  Please click on the image to view our Ipad Timetable.