History is a record of what happened in the past and why. Our children learn about significant events and people and their influence on life today. At Bellfield, History is often integrated into topic work and taught in lots of different ways.

We are very lucky that we are able to touch, see and explore a wealth of artefacts and photographs as sources of information. History is brought to life through stories and visitors at Bellfield. We often have theatre experiences to help the children immerse themselves and develop understanding of the particular area of History we are looking at.

In Nursery and Reception, children often dress up and engage in role play to enhance their learning. This usually links to the topic at the time in the class. The children in EYFS often learn and understand History by talking about the very recent past. They begin to use language like ‘yesterday’ and ‘last week’.

History appears in the Knowledge and Understanding Area of Learning of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. In Key Stage One we plan from the National Curriculum for History. History is taught mainly through topics and cross curricular links are made.

How can I support my child with history?

You can help by visiting museums and talking to elderly relatives. Visiting historic houses and talk about the topics that they are doing. The children who love history are often the ones who have seen a love of the past in their parents. There are many free museums, especially in the Birmingham. Use them as a resource and spend quality time sharing the past together. Otherwise, watch age-appropriate history programmes on TV.

There are some fantastic children’s books based in the past. Whilst these are often fiction, there will be facts and figures in the books that children will remember. Some good examples include: anything by Caroline Lawrence (the Roman Mysteries), Goodnight Mr Tom (WW2 and evacuation), Stig of the Dump (Clive King) and picture books or non-fiction books that you can share at bedtime.

Finally, if all else fails, embrace the Horrible Histories approach and go for the gross! Knowing about toilet etiquette in Roman times, that the Ancient Greek men did sports naked, or that the Ancient Egyptians used to hook the brains of dead people out through their nose before mummification will be enough to liven up any conversation about history!


Please click on the image to view the History Policy. Please click on the image to view the History Curriculum Overview.  Please click on the image to view the History Progression of Skills.