Why is good attendance important?

Being at school every day is important to a child’s education. Everyone that comes to Bellfield Infant School, is expected to aim for at least 96% attendance and to provide an environment that encourages all our pupils to attend school regularly and punctually. This is vital if we are to ensure they succeed in school and in their future lives. The whole school community has a responsibility for promoting excellent attendance - parents, pupils and all school staff.

98% and above - Outstanding       

97% - Good       

96% - Satisfactory     

 95% and below - Unsatisfactory   

We understand that everyone gets sick from time to time but minor coughs, colds or aches and pains should not stop a child from coming to school. Only the most serious or contagious illnesses should keep your child away from school such as vomiting (for 48 hours), high temperature, chicken pox etc. If your child does feel a little bit under the weather, bring them into school and let us know and we will monitor them and call you if they are too unwell to remain in school. We usually find that once they are here they quickly feel better once they are working and with their friends.

If your child is really too poorly to come to school you must let us know first thing in the morning by telephoning the school office 0121 464 4855 or texting 07900 351 202 (Please leave your child's name, class and reason for absence). If the absence is going to last more than a couple of days and your child has poor attendance bringing to school a copy of the medication, prescription or appointment card will help support attendance concerns. We will never ask a parent to pay for medical proof from their GP.



If a pupil is brought to school persistently late the parent will receive a punctuality letter to remind them of the importance of good punctuality and to inform them of their legal responsibility.


Medical Appointments

Whenever possible, parents should not make medical or dental appointments for their children during school hours. If an appointment during school hours is unavoidable, we will need a copy of the appointment letter/card for our attendance records.


Leave in Term time requests (exceptional circumstance/holiday) 

Parents do not have the right to take children out of school for a holiday during term time other than extenuating circumstances agreed by Head Teacher.  Without exception, a 'Leave in term time request' form MUST be completed and returned to the Head teacher. Copy of the form can be requested in the school office or a download is available below.


Poor attendance may lead to the School and the Local Authority issuing a penalty notice/taking legal action against parents.