At Bellfield Infant School, we take the teaching of Mathematics as a main priority throughout our school. We understand that children learn maths in a variety of different way and we set our standards incredibly highly in order to help every child exceed through their mathematics journey.

In Nursery and Reception, Maths is taught by using Number and Shape, Space and Volume Development areas that are set out within the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. In Years 1 and 2, The National Curriculum sets out our statutory guidelines in order to make sure that every child is accessing a board and exciting learning journey.

To help children enjoy maths learning, and make sure that they get a well-rounded education, Bellfield Infant School has adopted White Rose Scheme of leaning to help us achieve the statutory guidelines that have been set out for the children.

White Rose Hub sets out children’s learning journey through three stages;

* Fluency – Children will practice different problems in a variety of different ways, and throughout practising, children will be able to develop their conceptual understanding and be able to recall their knowledge quickly and accurately.

* Reasoning – Children will be able to follow a small line of inquiry, and by using their mathematical understanding and pattern, children will be able to justify their answers. Children will also be able to use mathematical vocabulary accurately and confidently.

* Problem Solving - Children will be able to solve a variety of problems that are included in and outside of their learning pattern. Children will be able to use their mathematical understanding that that have learnt in order to help them solve problems and solutions that they have to work out.

We plan our curriculum so that all children have the opportunity to all three of these aspects in order to help them thrive with their learning. Children will develop a confidence in numbers, counting and place value. This will help children to reason and solve problems accurately. This includes working with numbers, words and the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). Children will start by learning a concrete, visual representation so that they develop a good understanding of number and place value. Children will then move away from this on to a pictorial representation of numbers, place value and the four operations. Children then move on to understanding an abstract representation of numbers and place value. This will help children with understanding numbers and place value quickly in their heads.


KS1 Autumn 1 Maths Knowledge Organisers

Here are some of the things we will be learning in Maths lessons this term. You can use these organisers to help you continue learning at home!

 Click the picture above to view the mathematics policy.

Click the picture above to view the mathematics overview. Click the picture above to view the mathematics calculation policy.